Choosing How to Display Your Menu

Depending on the style of your restaurant, there are many different menu holders available. Styles, professionalism, and prices differ, but all offer the ability for the menu to be stationary on the table while the guest is perusing his options.

Curved Menu Holders

This type of menu holder is created in an elongated pyramid style. The menu stands on the edges of the pyramid, allowing your customers to have a trifold view. You can separate your menu into three sections for optimal viewing. The benefit of this menu option is that it comes in a variety of sizes and colours that you can select to best fit your restaurant. These menus are easy to use and can be updated as needed.

Metal Holders

You can choose between two styles of metal holders – a grip metal holder and a plain metal holder. They are both created from aluminium that was brushed to give it a fine, glossy look. Because of its shining silver colour, it can fit well with any restaurant decor. Menus you choose to place within these holders will need to be laminated. Fingers may be touching them while eating – children may grab them to look at them more closely. They will quickly become grungy if they have no sort of protection. While other menu holders give you the option to slide your menu into a plastic protector, these two options do not. Make sure you consider the cost of both steps before you make a decision.

Numbered Menu Holders

Similar to the option above, this holder is created by using aluminium. You can choose whether you would like the aluminium brushed in silver or in gold. You will be able to display table numbers distinctly, and you can additionally select if you would like a script or a logo next to the table number. You may also choose to simply have the table number and nothing else. The menu is placed inside the holder for double-sided viewing.

Acrylic Menu Holders

This option can be one of the cheapest, so if price is a big deciding factor, you may want to consider these holders. Because they do not contain any kind of fabric or exposed paper, they are easy to clean in the case of any sort of spill. Additionally, they offer a modern way to view the menu. You can use these holders for a menu with two sides or for a menu with one.

Wooden Menu Holders

A wooden holder produces many opportunities for personalisation. You can imprint your restaurant’s logo on it, and you can choose the size and type of wood for your menu. This holder does not provide any sort of protection against spills, but it does offer a professional, serious look. It can be small for each accommodation, or large, making a memorable statement if you wish.

In the end, you can choose the way to display your menu that best meets your restaurant’s needs. Many options are available, and you will certainly find one that fits your restaurant.