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Incredibly Delicious and Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

This is summertime and this is the time to make yourself ready for all fresh fruits. Fresh fruits and greens is an effective way to get start your day with all vital nutrition and metabolism. It is a best way to lose weight and stay fit & healthy. But with a busy working schedule or lifestyle, it is not possible to manage work with nutritional needs.

For healthy lifestyle, it is very important to be a little bit conscious about your health and needs to eat healthy food every day and needs to avoid fast food as much as. Because usually having unhealthy food is the main reason behind overweight and diseases.

So to stay healthy and fit, avoid junk food and make smoothies part of your everyday diet.

Here I am sharing with you some incredibly delicious and healthy green smoothie recipes. These smoothie recipes are full of nutrition’s and very easy to prepare. Add these recipes into your breakfast and you will get the benefits of fruits every day without affecting your work.

Healthy smoothie recipes:

High Protein Strawberry Flax Seed Smoothie

350 g of strawberries, 8 ice cubes, 2 teaspoons of flax seeds, sugar to taste Instructions 1

combine all of the ingredients, Blend until smooth

Gooseberry Smoothie Recipe

1 cup gooseberries,½ frozen banana, lemon juice to taste, 1 – 1½ cups rice or soy milk

2-5g fresh ginger, to taste

Cherry Berry Ginger Smoothie Recipe

1 cup frozen cherries, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup kale, 1 cup walnuts

1 teaspoon wheat germ, ½ teaspoon freshly grated ginger

Healthy Chia Berry Smoothie Recipe

1 cup frozen mixed berries, ½ cup unsweetened pomegranate juice, ½ cup water

½ tablespoon chia seeds

Vegan Green Smoothie Recipe

1-2 frozen bananas, 8 spinanh leaves, ½ cup water, 1 cup of ice

1-2 dates, soaked

Spinach Mojito Smoothie Recipe

½ cup soy milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

½ small lime, juiced, ½ cup fresh spearmint Ice cubes

Pink Smoothie With Watermelon, Strawberries and Cherries

½ cup ice, ½ cup black cherries, pits removed, ½ cup chopped seedless watermelon

½ cup strawberries, trimmed, ¼ cup vanilla yogurt

Wood Apple Juice

1 wood apple, 3 tbsp of sugar, Cumin to taste

salt and pepper to taste, Chilli Flakes, A pinch of salt

Raspberry Sherbet Punch Recipe

1 liter Pineapple juice, 350 gram red Raspberries (thawed), 2 cups Raspberry sherbet

2 liter Ginger ale (chilled), 170 ml frozen pink Lemonade concentrate

Kahwa Kashmiri green saffron tea

4 tbsp Green Tea, 4 pinches of Kesar/Saffron, 2 green Cardamoms,crushed, 1 stick Cinnamon, 2 Cloves, 2 tbsp Honey/Sugar (whichever your health prefers ), 2-3 Almonds

Sangria Alcholic Drink Recipe

1/3 bottle Red wine (less sweet, less bubbly, more dry ), One Kiwi, Half a Mango, A hand full of Raspberry, A hand full of Strawberry, 1 ounce Gin(martin miller preferable), 2 ounce Peach liquor, 15 Orange wedges, 15 Lime wedges, A dash of Mint leaves, A lot Ice cubes

But before making these delicious drinks, you need to keep in mind some things and that is the quality of ingredients and fruits you are using to make your smoothie. Use organic ingredients always and avoid putting toxin in to your food.

Recipe of Authentic Thai Green Curry

dtukmujyWe just heated up the coconut milk products or ointments then add the paste, salt, sugar and other element like fresh vegetables, chicken or seafood. There are many types of of curry paste at the marketplaces, but there is only one type of authentic curry paste, which is made from the the scratches using herbs and fresh ingredients, then grinding it with a mortar and pestle.

The main curry paste has coriander seeds products, coriander roots, cumin, peppercorns, red curry, lemon grass, calcium, beans, shallots and shrimp. The dry ingredients are usually heated up in a wok then grinned into powder using a mortar and pestle. Nowadays many individuals use the mixer to combination all the ingredients together until it becomes a dense paste. We don’t want to make this paste whenever we get ready authentic Thai recipes, we might store some away in the fridge, so whenever we need to get ready curry, we just add the paste with coconut milk products and other ingredients to get ready our curries. The paste can be stored for about 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

When we go out to eat we predict the restaurant to make their own curry paste. The problem is that some prepare meals has a lack of capabilities, some restaurant can’t handle to seek the services of good Masterchef australia, so even if they prepared meals, make their paste, it doesn’t even taste as fantastic as the processed paste, so they might as well use the processed paste. Some bistro cut price, cut employees no one has a lot of a opportunity to make it, because it’s very difficult to make an authentic curry paste.

People just want everything to stop wasting time, no one wants to wait or devote some time, they think time is money. Just have a look at the store shelves, look at all the can foods, processed foods, frozen foods, and refined foods. Foods are essential if we want health and fitness, we must understand to balance the way of foods we eat, doing the best avoiding the foods with ingredients, shading and preservative involved.

What is the Origin of Spanish Rice Recipes

nxhfjyfThose who love to eat rice and want to try and enjoy the variety, Spanish rice is quite a good choice for them. This dish is quite delicious and has a unique flavor. It is a complete meal for the entire family.

The basic constituent of this dish is white rice which is a staple food and is famous around the world. It is enriched with high protein, carbohydrate, vitamin D, calcium and iron.

Making this spanish recipe is quite simple as you just need to change some ingredients to make it an amazing dish. This is a very economical recipe and which is easy to make and is quite filling for the entire family. It goes great with everything from chicken to shrimp; or maybe just alone.

Let us discuss the origin of this spanish dish which is a family recipe. In Spain, rice is often served as a primary meal in their lunch or dinner however it does not grow there.

If you get a chance to visit any of the restaurants in Spain, you will get to know that lot many dishes like desserts are made from it such as paella or pudding. The reason behind its origin in Spain is said to be Moors who once ruled Spain and brought rice dishes to this country.

Once Moors left the country the Spanish people were so unwilling to give it up. Out of many rice side dishes one such was this Spanish dish which became very popular.

Along with some other main ingredients it is made up of parsley, garlic, onions, cilantro, tomatoes. The use of chicken broth or stock is common to many of the Spanish recipes. Under the influence of Hispanic people, it became very famous towards the southwest part of United States of America as they use lot of grilled vegetables. The other mostly used side dish is chicken fried rice which has a Chinese origin and is also very famous in United States.

It is also referred as Mexican rice in United States. Both Spanish and Mexican rice are totally different, cumin is used in Mexican one whereas saffron is used in Spanish one. This dish can also be cooked through Mexican style by the use of tomato and chili pepper which adds red-orange color to it. It is very well suited to be served with other Mexican cuisine dish. This mouthwatering dish can be served with seafood, chicken and beef.

I hope the reader of this article may enjoy reading the origin of Spanish fried rice and find this information quite useful.

Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Cooking with Kids – How to make chocolate treats and rice crispy treats How would you like the idea of a lot of fun doing it whiles playing with your kids? How something that their children a sense of satisfaction that feels like an adult? The kitchen is one of those activities. Practice is given to the children improve their basic skills in the kitchen; they will need in the future. The best opportunities for revenue should be easy to make and leave a little creativity as shapes, colors or ingredients, of course, the most important ingredient for good flavor! Therefore it is something which your children adore as well as consume? A person suspected this grain crispy goodies. You should use the standard dishes with regard to grain crispy goodies You will find 3 various methods all of us consume this short article, however with a few adjustments. Usually, grain crispy goodies, as well as combined with dark chocolate protected. It’s all of these prior to, and then we have fun using the regular as well as talk about the options. You are able to manage the standard locations, the actual filling up associated with crispy grain crispy goodies combination inside a rectangle-shaped or even sq . reduce, however maybe even more enjoyable. Obtain conforms of various designs. Right here you will discover a variety of ways, not one of the superheroes, the actual designs from the period, such as Halloween night or even Xmas, and many little designs such as regular superstars or even small donuts. The actual mussels tend to be large or even little, and could in a company associated with cooking materials are located as well as offered on the internet.

Right now all of us produce the actual grain crispy goodies as well as dark chocolate!

Dissolve I prefer to utilize a drinking water bathtub, discomfort au dark chocolate inside a big soup pot. Warmth drinking water more than moderate warmth within the reduce stand and put the actual grated whole milk dark chocolate or even whole milk chocolate chips on the top. You may also dissolve within microwave, the actual potato chips inside a microwave oven dish little secure. Very first, transfer the actual items for any moment as well as 10 mere seconds, warmed, after which each and every 10 mere seconds. The actual potato chips won’t dissolve within the fluid condition through home heating limited to the particular poker chips. You need to blend using a metallic desert spoon, warning signs of combination. Red stripe Regardless how test will be introduced inside the majority with the chocolates through the remedy and set over a preparing page together with parchment papers or perhaps parchment papers. Atart exercising . glitters or perhaps tinted glucose and even sweet!

Hemp crispy treats- it is definitely entertaining

Pudding regarding delicacy or perhaps goody is constructed of tangible with the abyss. You will require: an assortment of hemp crispy snacks and also sweet pudding, Oreo candy bar parts and also components of chocolate bars. Increase the particular sweet product plus a freezer to chill. For everyone, any level regarding Oreo candy bar parts in the bottom of your pot regarding apparent wine beverages. Following your sport, you imagine it absolutely was an actual development web site, if the friends are usually the one and only his / her family members in the world. Use your hair a opt to program and also very own that may applied. Just about the most simple thing to remember is because they usually do not rinse the particular papers discs. In addition to doing this kind of spot any level regarding chocolate bars parts will be last but not least for the top together with candy pudding. It is possible to beautify the get together to handle a overall development regarding Oreo biscuits or even a sprig regarding great. Hi ,i am sussan & Have awonderful recipe for rice crispy treat

Florida Stone Crab How to Make Best Crab Recipe

Want to learn a little more about Stone Crab? Crabs are available for reap between August Fifteenth and May Fifteenth. Indigenous to Florida’s West shore, these unusual crabs have the unique ability to regrow their nails and divisions. These delightful nails are always popular and are widely considered as one of the types of refreshing Florida Fish. Claws are baked day-to-day in hot drinking water for 7-10 minutes and refrigerated to prevent the meat from adhering to the cover. They are then grouped into four sizes: method, huge, huge, and heavy.

“Medium: 6-8 nails per pound
“Large: 4-5 nails per pound
“Jumbo: 3 nails per pound
“Colossal: 1-2 nails per pound

Then manufactured and sent straight to your door! We target and get the greatest crab of the types. We have found nails over a lb each. Fresh stone crab, claws crab meat is so lovely and soft that many of our customers prefer it over all the other crab types and seafood.

We assurance our product to be refreshing because we are the only ones to get, make, and send direct to you.

Give it a try and you’ll be hooked!!!

get your claw-crackers ready, because Florida’s family and professional diamond crab pull reap is set to open this Sunday, August 15.

Stone crab nails must evaluate at least 2¾ in. in length to be gathered lawfully, but nails may not be taken from egg-bearing women diamond crabs. Pastime harvesters are permitted to use up to five diamond crab barriers, and there is a day-to-day bag limit of one quart of nails per person or two gallons per boat, whatever is less. Pastime and professional barriers may be baited and placed in the drinking water beginning August 5, but none may be drawn until August 15. The period persists until May 16, 2012.

Though diamond crab reap guidelines will remain the same, Florida’s Crabs and Creatures Preservation Commission payment rate (FWC) identified as in May to give condition control guidelines for diamond crabs into government ocean. This came after the West of South American Fishery Management Government identified as to repeal the Fishery Management Plan for diamond crabs in government ocean and allow the FWC to manage them in all ocean around Florida. This change goes into effect August 24.

The established diamond crab family period starts Sunday, August 15 to the pleasure of many plusieurs. The main method used to get most diamond crabs are in barriers, but some amazing plusieurs will spot their gaps and “hand-pick” them. Either way, there can be not much seafood better than a refreshing crab pull drizzled with butter.

Stone Crab Holding Rules

* 5-trap maximum
* Buoy must have a readable “R” at least two in. higher, completely included to it. Buoys are not needed if entice is found from a connect.
* Trap shall have harvesters name and address completely included to it in readable characters.
* Traps must be drawn personally (not by a entice puller). Any one is rigged with a entice puller will be considered a professional boat and the appropriate permit will be
* Traps must be drawn only during daytime.
* Traps must not be placed in navigational programs of the Intracoastal rivers, or in navigational programs managed and noticeable by any nation, public, condition or federal
governmental organization.
* A California family sportfishing certificate is needed to reap diamond crabs under the family sportfishing guidelines.
* Diamond crab entice requirements are the same for family and professional harvesters. Trap requirements may be found in Concept 68B-13.008, California Management Code.

The Only Technique You Need to Know for Grilled Fish

We’re about to let you in on the secret to perfectly grilled fish that doesn’t fall apart: It’s called escabèche, and it’s pretty genius. Instead of marinating the fish before it goes on the grill, you’ll grill it first, then take it off the heat and give it a post-grill marinade bath to deliver flavor without compromising texture. Here’s how to do it:

Use the Best-Possible Fish
This recipe has so few ingredients that it’s critical to use the best-possible fish you can find. We used red snapper fillets, but if the black bass or porgy at your fishmonger look even better, go for it. Any skin-on white fish will work beautifully here as long as it’s super fresh.

Don’t Rush It
After you rub the fillets with olive oil, salt, and pepper, place them skin-side down over a medium-hot (and clean!) grill. After about five minutes, the fillets should be opaque around the edges with crispy skin that should slide right off the grates. If they don’t come off easily, leave them skin-side down for another minute or two.

Mix Up Your Marinade
The basic formula for any escabèche marinade is oil + acid + aromatics. It’s so simple and lends itself to countless variations. Experiment with different vinegars and citrus juices and aromatics like garlic, fennel, chiles, and capers

Paneer Korma Recipe

Looking for simple, delicious and satisfying vegetarian recipe? Well, don’t you think you are asking for everything all in one dish? Don’t worry! We have it here for you just as you said to pamper your senses with this delicately delicious dish. Not to forget, its main ingredient is highly nutritious? So, that’s an icing on the cake just for you. Yes, you’ve read it right! Paneer, called as cottage cheese is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and rich source of protein, vitamin B complex and minerals which is proved to be beneficial in several ways for your body. So, are you ready to reap the full benefits of Paneer with this utterly butterly delicious Indian paneer korma recipe? Believe me, preparing such an amazing dish for your family, kids, friends or relatives in dinner could be the most captivating things you would ever do to pamper your loved ones.


You may come across several online Indian paneer korma recipe but every cook has a different way of using ingredients and cooking procedure wherein you may find a few recipes been complicated. Here, at, we have the simplest, quick yet mother-watering recipe for you. This is one those classic dinner recipe that has its gravy made from curd, coconut and cashew nuts. (Coconut however is optional). To give it a spicy and appetizing touch, you can also add poppy seeds, onion, ginger and other Indian curry spices in this tempting paneer korma recipe.

This north Indian dish can be enjoyed with any of the Indian breads or rice preparations. So, let’s have a look how to cook this wonderful Indian paneer korma recipe.

Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 2

Ingredients required:

1 cup fresh Paneer (Cottage Cheese), cubed into 1 ½ -inch pieces

1 medium Onion, finely chopped or grated

½ cup curd (Yogurt) (not sour)

¼ cup fresh or dry grated coconut (optional)

½ tsp. grated ginger

1 Green Chilli, seeded and chopped

7-8 cashew nuts

1 tsp. Poppy seeds (khus khus)

1 small piece of Bay Leaf

1 Green Cardamom

2-3 Black peppercorns

½ tsp. Red chilli Powder

¼ tsp. Turmeric Powder

1 tsp. Sugar

1 ½ tbsp. cooking oil

2 tbsp. finely chopped coriander leaves

Salt to taste

¾ cup water


In a small jar of grinder, add yogurt, ginger, green chilli, cashew buts and poppy seeds.

Grind them to make a thick paste and transfer it to a bowl.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a non-stick pan and once the oil is hot, add paneer cubes to shallow fry them until light brown. Remove them to a plate when done.

Heat remaining ½ tablespoon oil in the same pan on medium flame. Add bay leaf, green cardamom and black peppercorns; stir them for 10-20 seconds. Add chopped onion and saute until light brown.

Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and mix well.

Now add yogurt-cashew-coconut paste, sugar and salt to it.

Stir well and cook for a few minutes. Add ¾ cup water and cook for not more than 3-4 minutes. Keep stirring in between to prevent sticking.

Add paneer cubes and cook until the gravy turns thick. Turn off the flame and transfer curry to a serving dish. Adorn with coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatti or rice.